Larry started playing drums at the age of 7 and by age 9, he had played on his first record. At 18 he already had a successful drum school in the Arts Centre in Durban. He taught drums for 4 years and played with various professional bands as well as backing well known country artists such as Bobby Angel, Gene Rockwell, Clive Bruce, Barbara Ray, to name but a few. In 1980, Larry joined Hotline, which was then the biggest band in South Africa. In 1987 the band split and Larry took up a post teaching drums and percussion at The Performing Arts Workshop in Johannesburg. At this time he joined another successful band, Cinema and played with them for the next 5 years. The band had hits like “My Kinda Girl” and “Inside and Out”. After Cinema, Larry started teaching at The National School of The Arts in Johannesburg. In 2009 he joined Clint & Co., a country rock band that has been going for 10 years! Larry is also known as DR BEAT - THE DRUMMING DJ. Go to the Dr Beat page to find out more. He continues teaching by day and playing gigs by night.
Larry Rose has been playing drums for 44 years and has 20 years percussion teaching experience
Hotline PJ Powers Cinema Margaret Singana Steve Kekana Amampondo Denim Clint & Co.
Bands Larry played in
Hotline PJ Powers Steve Kekana Margaret Singana Amampondo Cinema Clint & Co.
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